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AVANTAGE OIL donates to an orphange center

AVANTAGE OIL is visited by the president of The Republic of Tatarstan

AVANTAGE OIL increases production

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AVANTAGE OIL adheres to the requirements of Russian and international legislation on health, safety and environmental protection. we apply cutting-edge technology and enhanced production methods to create a safe and healthy working environment and minimize the risk of industrial accidents and other emergency situations. AVANTAGE OIL's policy on industrial safety, labor and environmental protection contains the following key provisions:

1- Reducing industrial injuries and adverse environmental impacts.

2- Improving industrial and environmental safety to meet current standards of international oil & gas majors.

3- Establishing and maintaining an efficient management system for health, safety and environmental protection.

4- Reducing industrial risks from newly commissioned facilities.

We have implemented an integrated management system for industrial safety, labor and environmental protection, which provides for continuous involvement of our entire staff in reducing industrial and environmental risks. To ensure its ongoing operation, Rosneft has also introduced corporate standards stipulating key areas of occupational safety and environmental protection activity.

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