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AVANTAGE OIL donates to an orphange center

AVANTAGE OIL is visited by the president of The Republic of Tatarstan

AVANTAGE OIL increases production

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AVANTAGE OIL was founded in 1998 as a joint venture between various business men in the City OF Kazan located in the Republic of Tartarstan, to address the need of the citizens of Tartarstan to have a privately owned Oil Exploration and export company. The company is now owned by three Individuals who are citizens of Tartarstan.

AVANTAGE OIL's inception in 1998 as a crude oil exporting company to was the first and a significant step in its ablity to utilize its abundant crude oil and natural gas resources. Since then AVANTAGE OIL has steered its way successfully, responding adequately to the world market demand for Crude Oil and living up to the expectations of its founders.

AVANTAGE OIL inaugurated its first plant in March 1999 with a design capacity of 1,000 Metric tons of Crude Oil daily. After a decade of production, we can now provide un-disputed production quantities of international magnitude.

Through scientific strategic plans and integration of the latest technologies, AVANTAGE OIL steadily developed, over the years, in terms of capacity, production quantities, quality and competitiveness of products, accordingly AVANTAGE OIL has become one of the main producers and exporters of Crude Oil in the Republic of Tartarstan.

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